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Fruit Stands of Hawaii

Driving through Hana, Maui I was so excited by the flower and fruit stands on the side of the road. Fruit was so abundant, residents would gather it and put it on the stand for neighbors and passerbys. Sometimes there was a coffee can with a sign- Take what you need, Leave what you can. Some just had a coffee can and the honor system. I loved the sense of community these fruit stands created. I also loved that the avocados were bigger than my hand.

We journeyed on more and more side roads in search of fruit stands, taking us through the rural part of the island.

There were also flower stands selling leis from the plumeria that had dropped on the ground and GORGEOUS cut flowers cut from the yard. I got this bouquet of flowers for $5!

Want to find these fruit stands? The very best advice I can give you is- Take the road less traveled. That’s it. Drive off the beaten path and you will find them. Over and over, yard after yard.

Coming back from Hawaii, I posted about the fruit stand on my Instagram page. One of my followers commented that they wished every neighborhood was like this and it inspired me. As every gardener knows, when fruit comes to harvest, there is always more than a single family can use. Need a zucchini for a recipe? How about 6. Need an eggplant for a recipe? How about 15? Truly, no street needs more than one eggplant bush in a garden. And lemons, don’t even get me started with lemons... Why not share with others what you have in such richness?

I had a local handyman assemble the fruit stand. I rolled my cart out and it happened to be during the Corona Virus and shelter in place. My sign read- Take what you need, Leave what you have in abundance. It did get pretty funny given the times and the personality of my neighbors but it also fostered just the sense of community I had hoped to see. I hope it might inspire ohers to the same!

Have a fruit stand you would like to share? Tag me on Instagram at Shefollowsflowers.


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